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Whether you are an independent businessperson or a large multi-national corporation, Lim & Company Lawyers has the legal expertise and experience you will want to have on your side. We can assist you in structuring your business in a way that will best contribute to your entrepreneurial objectives. Some things we can help you with are:

- advising on entity formation, including deciding on the most appropriate business structure and organization
- drafting, reviewing or negotiating governing agreements among partners, shareholders or other principals
- handling the purchase or sale of business assets or shares
- advising on financing arrangements and loan documents
- registering trade-names and trade-marks in Canada

A home is the largest purchase most of us will make in our lives. It makes sense to accompany such a significant personal investment with another smaller investment --- the selection of the right lawyer to make sure that your real estate transaction is secure. At Lim & Company Lawyers, we have been successful partners with thousands of homeowners in the realization of their dreams. Our lawyers and support staff are fully qualified to look after your needs in:

- conveyancing (purchase and sale)
- builder's lien claims
- mortgages and other financing agreements
- building your own home
- construction contracts
- reviewing condominium minutes and by-laws
- drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial lease

Most people have probably heard the saying "nothing is certain, except death and taxes." According to another familiar adage, we should face life’s unpleasant certainties with grace and good humor. While we consider this to be good advice, we also believe that an equally important part of effectively dealing with the future is to do prudent and wise planning. Of course, no amount of planning can prevent the inevitable. However, some consequences can be managed, and there are a number of things you can do to protect your loved ones. The simple act of preparing a will can help ensure that your family will be looked after according to your wishes, rather than according to the dictates of the law or court. We can provide you with a full range of estate planning services. In particular, our lawyers can assist and advise you on:

- drawing up a will
- granting a power of attorney
- setting up a family trust
- establishing a private or charitable foundation
- appointing a guardian, an executor or a trustee
- assessing the tax implications of an estate or succession plan
- probating a will
- administering an estate, a trust, or a foundation
- settling, and if needed, litigating the disposition of an estate
- resolving intestacies

At Lim & Company Lawyers, the goal of our family law practice is to provide advice and advocacy on relationship issues in a manner which serves the best legal interests of our clients, and is duly respectful of their sensitivities. Whether you are just starting out, or hoping to make a fresh start, you can leave the legal aspects to us. But (and here’s some free non-legal advice) you’ll still have to deal on your own with the most difficult part of making any relationship work, by giving it the right nurturing and the proper care. On the technical legal matters, you can count on Lim & Company Lawyers to help smooth the way for you. We have lawyers who are fully qualified and prepared to help you through negotiation, mediation or litigation to handle:

- pre-nuptial agreements
- child custody, visitation and access
- adoption
- guardianship
- child and spousal support arrangements
- non-support problems
- separation, annulment, or divorce
- equalization of property
- name change

Immigration Law

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We have been at the forefront of providing immigration law services since our inception. Our lawyers are thoroughly versed in the eligibility conditions and requirements for securing Canadian permanent residency. We can help you determine your most promising avenue of entry into Canada based on your personal qualifications, your family and lifestyle goals, and your investment plans. At Lim & Company Lawyers, we can provide you with the best legal resources available every step of the way, from the initial filing of your application and supporting documentation, through any hearings or appeals, whichever of the following avenues you pursue:

- entrepreneur category applications
- self-employed category applications
- investor category applications
- family class applications
- independent category applications
- provincial nomination program applications
- work permits or employment authorizations
- student authorizations
- returning residence permits
- citizenship applications.


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When disputes arise and reach an impasse that can only be resolved through arbitration or litigation, Lim & Company Lawyers has the legal expertise and experience to ensure that your interests are properly protected and your case effectively advanced before the appropriate forum. We have an impressive record of success in representing both plaintiffs and defendants across a wide range of issues, and before various legal and administrative bodies. Our clients can count on receiving top quality representation, our personal attention to the specifics of their case, and our proven advocacy skills.The following are examples of some of the litigation matters we have handled:

-personal injury claims
-accident insurance and liability claims
-employment issues, e.g., wrongful dismissal
-bankruptcy and receivership
-construction liens
-estate litigation
-contract issues

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